First Reading Assignment & Dropbox Issues

Hello 213-ers,

Just a couple of things as we get ready to turn in our first assignments, due Sunday by midnight...
 - Some of you have mentioned that you're having trouble getting the books.  I have a PDF of the first reading assignment, so if you need it, shoot me and email and I'll send it along.  I won't be able to provide them in PDF after the first week, so try your best to get the book, so your assignments won't be delayed.
 - Dropbox can be tricky for some people.  Make sure and follow the directions EXACTLY here:  The name of your folder is very important - make sure it is "Last-First" so that I can find you easily.  I have over 50 students this semester, and it will be much easier if I can quickly identify your folder by your last name.  If you have trouble with dropbox, you might consider getting in touch with eCampus, who have lots of tech resources available.
 - Another note about Blackboard:  We really won't be using BB until later in the semester, when you'll take a couple of quizzes there.  Of course you can check your grades (I'll try to update them every week, but sometimes it might take two). Our main resource for this class is the website.  So make sure you are VERY comfortable navigating through it, and if you have questions, let me know.
 - One last thing... Don't stress if you don't see your first comment posted immediately on the course website.  I have to approve the very first comment (to avoid hacking) but after that, they will publish immediately.  I'll try to get them all approved as they come in.
Hope you're all having a great first week!  Looking forward to (only) 12 more!