Summer Semester Welcome Email

Hello WRTG213-ers,

My name is Christie and I'll be your instructor for Writing 213  this summer- welcome!
The first thing you need to do to get started is go to our course website, here:  
 - Be sure to bookmark this page, since you'll be referencing it often this semester
 - Everything you need to know about the class (syllabus, course schedule, deadlines, essay assignment, etc) will be located here. So take the time to explore the site and become familiar with every page.
 - Keep in mind that I'm still updating from last semester, so if you see a date that doesn't look right, don't panic.  I should have everything switched over by next week.
 - Important: Get your drop box folder set up and shared ASAP.  Follow the directions give on the "Getting Started" tab.
 - Although we have a blackboard site set up, and I'll use it for your grades and a couple of quizzes later in the semester, the course website (link above) will be the go-to location for everything you need.
As always - if you have questions or would like clarification, just let me know!!
Looking forward to getting to know all of you this semester!
Christie Hinrichs