Drop Box

How to Set Up Your Dropbox Account

1. Go to Dropbox.com and sign up for an account (please use your UA mail account to sign up).

2. Once you sign in, create a new shared folder (click the link on the right) with your name as the title of the folder - Last, First.

3. Click the folder line, so that you can see the toolbar, then click "Share this folder"

4. Invite your instructor to share the contents of your folder. Use the email address cahinrichs@alaska.edu, and make sure "can edit" is selected.  Your instructor will be able to edit your documents (providing you with feedback on your papers) but he or she will NOT be able to see any of the other folders you have outside of this folder.

5. Once you've shared your folder, begin working on assignments, name the documents correctly (see above) and load your assignments into the folder. You can drop them into the folder on your computer (if you've installed the app), or you can go to the Dropbox website and upload the assignments there.